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PVC compounds shows good stabilizer performance
Wuxi Qianqiao Strip Steel Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 07, 2017

PVC compounds are a kind of additives used to prolong the life of composite materials during heating and degradation or cross-linking. Classified according to the main ingredients, common stabilizers include salt, fatty acid soap, organic tin compound, compound heat stabilizer and pure organic compound.

Since the 1980s, various new technologies of plastic additives and new products have been introduced into China with the import of plastic processing machinery. If lead and cadmium products are excluded, domestic environmental products of thermal stabilizer are formed by organic tin, calcium zinc and rare-earth compound at present.

In recent years, the demand of PVC compound materials is increasing day and day with the development of plastic products. At the same time, the ten measures which were adopted by the state to expand domestic demand have also accelerated the development of this industry. In these measures, major water conservancy projects will use a large amount of PVC pipes and film materials. In major infrastructure projects such as urban power grids, railways and airports, basic materials such as PVC wire and cable are indispensable.  Due to reviving of automobile industry and transformation of the electronic information industry, the demand of PVC plastic products and parts will increase directly.

The ideal PVC composite should be a multi-functional material, or a compound of materials. They can achieve the following functions:

Firstly, they can replace the active and unstable substituent. Secondly, they can absorb and neutralize HCL released from PVC technology and eliminate the self-catalytic degradation of HCL. Thirdly, they can neutralize or inactivate metal ion and other harmful impurities in the process of degradation. Fourthly, they can block the continuous growth of unsaturated bonds by various chemical reactions to inhibit degradation coloring. Lastly, they can achieve the best effect of shielding UV.

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Wuxi Qianqiao Strip Steel Co.,Ltd

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