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New Development Of Cold Rolled Steel Strip Production Technology
Wuxi Qianqiao Strip Steel Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 29, 2017

Other than used in chemical industry, food canning, construction, electric appliance, there is direct relation between cold rolled steel strips and our daily life. For instance, we make fridge, washing machine and TV from thin steel plate. So, cold rolled products account for a large part of thin steel plates and steel strips in some industrial countries. Cold rolled steel strips can be produced by single and multi machine-stand rolling mill. The mill is characterized by high productivity, high mechanization, high automation and good quality.


Recently, The development of cold-rolled strip production technology mainly includes the following aspects:

Increase the quality of steel roll to improve equipment production capacity. Cold rolled steel strip is produced by steel coil.
Each coil must be unwrapped, unfolded and belted before being sent into the machine set for rolling or processing, then accelerate to normal speed to work. At the end of each volume, the process of deceleration, shearing, coiling and unrolling is required, which takes up a lot of production time. When the quality of the steel coil increases, the time of operation will be increased. In addition, due to the increase of the length of each coil, the time of rolling strip in the stable speed also increases. Thus, the speed of the unit can be truly increased, and the quality of steel strip can be improved. However, the quality of steel coil cannot be increased unlimited, and it is limited by the structure and strength of mechanical equipment such as coiler and uncoiler.

Improve the precision and the thickness of products. In order to improve the thickness accuracy of cold rolled strip, the whole hydraulic pressure device is adopted on the cold rolling mill to increase the reaction speed of the machine under pressure, and the automatic control device of strip thickness is also adopted.

Improve the degree of automation. Various limit switches are widely used in automated production operation to carry out the automatic program control for each action, and automatic adjustment of the speed of steel strip and automatic sorting of shear plate are realized in the machine set.

Improve the structure of rolling mill and the shape of steel plate. Hydraulic bending roll device is widely used in cold rolling mill to improve the shape of steel plate.

Constantly adopt new technology and equipments to simplify cold rolling process and improve the precision of cold rolled steel strip and save the energy.

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Wuxi Qianqiao Strip Steel Co.,Ltd

Address: No.8 Huicheng Avenue, Xizhang Village, Qianqiao Town, Wuxi City, Jiangsu, China

Tel: +86-510-83233269

Fax: +86-510-83233699

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