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Flame Retardant Difficulty Of Three TPE Materials
Wuxi Qianqiao Strip Steel Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 09, 2017

TPE thermoplastic elastomer is a thermoplastic elastomer which is mainly composed of sebs (styrene-ethylene-butene-styrene block copolymer). With excellent properties of plastics and rubber, can be thermoplastic processing, feel flexible and delicate, anti-aging, high strength, high and low temperature, easy to shape, not easy to flow, dimensional stability and design flexibility, suitable for extrusion, injection molding, injection pressure, calendering, hollow molding and other plastic molding process, almost all soft products can be used.

However, TPE thermoplastic elastomer formulation system components, due to the structure of different components, the mechanism is not clear, to the flame-retardant has a considerable difficulty, in the use of the process there is a great deal of security risks, which has brought some limitations to the use of products. TPE flame-Retardant difficulty lies in:

Difficulty one: Flame retardant selection is difficult

The compatibility between flame retardants and substrates is poor, when the amount of flame retardants in the elastic system is slightly larger, especially in halogen-free flame retardant, the elastic modulus, flexibility, mechanical properties, wear resistance of TPS are decreased greatly, melt fluidity is worse, elastomer is difficult to be formed, and the surface is easily moved by flame retardants, which forms a polluted environment.

Difficulty two: The mechanism of flame retardants is not clear

The TPS system mainly consists of multiphase mixing structure of rubber, polyolefin resin, plasticizer and filler. The halogen-free flame retardant of polyolefin resin has a relatively mature formula and example. But SEBs and Polyolefin pp, PE flame-retardant mechanism is not the same, a flame retardant to be at the same time a variety of flame retardant plastic components more difficult.

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