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Add: No.8 Huicheng Avenue, Xizhang Village, Qianqiao Town, Wuxi City, Jiangsu, China

Contact: Daisy Mao

Tel: +86-510-83233269

Fax: +86-510-83233699

E-mail: maojing@wuxiacp.com

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Company Profile

Wuxi ACP Steel Core Co., Ltd is a dynamic and innovative company, which was established as a joint venture between WuXi QianQiao Strip Steel CO., LTD and Germany company ACP (Advanced Carrier Products) of the HUEHOCO Group in April 2008. Building on the experience of the Wuxi QianQiao Strip Steel Co. Ltd founded in 1986 and the HUEHOCO Group's global experience in developing, manufacturing and selling core metal inserts for automotive weathersealing systems used within the automotive marketplace, our company is the first choice for your local clients in the extrusion industry.

Wuxi ACP has cutting-edge technology developed in Germany in the form of a CNC-controlled cutting and laser-welding system and state-of-the-art lancing systems with processing speeds of over 400 m/min for all kinds of metals.

Wuxi ACP currently has 7 automated stamping presses and 3 high-tech lancing systems. Our annual capacity is estimated to be 100 million meters. We offer the full range of lanced and stamped designs using various metals including profiles coated with bonding agents.

We have got ISO9001& ISO14001 system certificates in 2008, through surveillance audit over the years to optimize the management level, we passed ISO/TS16949 system certificate in 2014, which made the product quality and production model act on international standard. ACP is a new and high-tech enterprise owning high-tech product, and ACP is also a member of CAAM.

We produce the whole range of lanced and stamped core metal inserts. The core metal inserts are used worldwide in automotive weathersealing systems. We use all common metals including cold rolled steel and aluminum. Each metal type can be supplied as an uncoated metal or as a coated part, featuring a bonding agent for rubber of plastic compounds. We supply various common designs including: single and double track, compressible, and a wide variety of stamped profiles. Our experienced employees take on our clients' requirements and develop suitable and sustainable solutions for them.

Our Mission

We endeavor to deliver the highest quality products and value-added services to support our client's business in order to create a win-win development.

Based on our enterprise culture of innovation and cooperation, we try our best to be a permanent partner of our clients.

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Wuxi Qianqiao Strip Steel Co.,Ltd

Address: No.8 Huicheng Avenue, Xizhang Village, Qianqiao Town, Wuxi City, Jiangsu, China

Tel: +86-510-83233269

Fax: +86-510-83233699

E-mail: maojing@wuxiacp.com

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